Held at the Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London on Saturday 6th October 2007 at 12.00


Steve Lennox noted that he will be retiring as Chairman having completed a second term of two years and there would normally have been an election of a new Chairman at this AGM. He had sent a letter about the Chairmanship on last July to each of the 93 current members asking for a volunteer to agree to chair the Association for the next two years. He had received about 30 to 40 replies or telephone calls, but no-one had come forward to stand for election as Chairman mainly through health problems and travelling difficulties, and this led to the conclusion that the 60th anniversary year would be the appropriate time to wind up the Association. Following telephone calls to most Committee members and others he had drawn up a Resolution to this effect to put to the AGM, as follows:

"It is proposed to wind up the H.F.T.C. Association with effect from the A.G.M. on 6th October 2007. Discussions will follow as to the disposal of the Association’s funds and the maintenance of memorials. Arrangements are in hand for a final gathering at Bury St. Edmunds in May 2008 and this will proceed as planned. Thereafter there will be no further formal Reunions, but members will probably wish to make personal arrangements to meet each other occasionally."

The Resolution was included in the August Newsletter as a Note to the AGM Agenda. John Trimmer had subsequently written to the Chairman suggesting that if the AGM agreed to wind up the Association, he would be prepared to help organise a less formal arrangement to enable members and Friends to maintain contacts. Brian Taylor and Jim Barnes had offered to help with such an arrangement which might include issuing a newsletter from time to time. Steve had circulated John’ s letter to the whole Committee.

Steve Lennox noted that the Committee had met immediately prior to the AGM. Following a lengthy discussion of the Resolution the Chairman had asked the committee to indicate who was in favour of recommending the AGM to adopt the Resolution. A majority of 8 Committee members said that they were in favour of adopting the Resolution, and 2 members, John Trimmer and Brian Taylor, disagreed.

At the AGM the Committee members were joined by Gerald Halnan, Duncan Henderson, Dan Sansom and William Thomas (non-Committee members). After further discussion the AGM agreed to adopt the Resolution as set out above to wind up the HFTC Association forthwith. Brian Taylor, John Trimmer and Jim Barnes agreed to maintain a contact role possibly involving a newsletter and proposals for this will be discussed in the Spring newsletter and at the May meeting at Bury.

The AGM considered a number of matters which will require attention following the winding up of the Association, principally the disposal of assets including funds, maintenance of memorials etc and these will be considered at the Bury meeting by a committee based on the previous HFTCA Committee. The Spring Newsletter will contain a request for members and Friends to make proposals to the Secretary for the disposal of assets, e.g. organisations which might benefit from the funds. Regarding the maintenance of memorials, John Morrison noted that legal agreements with the Highland Wildlife Park and the Glenfeshie Cairn are deposited with the Association’s Archives at Edinburgh Castle.

Graham Lee (Hon Treasurer) noted that, following the winding up of the Association, members should cancel their standing orders for payment of the annual subscription. Steve Lennox said that he would be happy to continue as acting Chairman until the May meeting at Bury, and John Harry indicated likewise that he would continue as acting Secretary until the May meeting.